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Name: Reimi Jyahana
Original Game: Variable Geo Custom
Accuracy: Limited, as VGC is an awful game.
Percent Complete: 99% - Only bug removal remains.
Download: Here!

Name: Ryouga Hibiki
Original Game: The Ranma 1/2 SNES Games
Accuracy: Some - he has most of the same moves.
Percent Complete: 80% - Most old stuff and some new.
Download: Here!

Name: Koopa Troopa
Original Game: Kart Fighter, with new sprites by Titiln
Accuracy: Original, mang!
Percent Complete: 90% - Pretty much complete.
Download: Here!

Name: Deuce's Moriya
Original Game: The Last Blade 1/2
Accuracy: Fairly high, Power mode only
Percent Complete: As complete as it's going to get.
Download: Here!

Current WIPs

Name: ?
Original Game: ?
Accuracy: ?
Percent Complete: ?
Download: Nope!

Inactive WIPs

Name: Goldar
Original Game: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (SNES)
Accuracy: Some
Percent Complete: 50% - Basics and some specials.
Download: Nope!

Name: Leon
Original Game: Original character, drawn by forestsavior.
Accuracy: Accuracy to what? He's original.
Percent Complete: 20% - Needs a redraw or more sprites or both.
Download: Nope!

Name: Miroku
Original Game: Inuyasha: Sengoku Otogi Kassen
Accuracy: At the moment, pretty high, but expect changes.
Percent Complete: 40% - Pretty much nothing new in months.
Download: Nope!

Dead People

Name: Kyosuke
Original Game: Capcom vs. SNK 2
Accuracy: Pretty high.
Percent Complete: 30% - All basics, intros, etc.
Special Note: Was once a joint project with ShoShingo.
Download: Nope!

Name: Chiho
Original Game: Variable Geo Custom
Accuracy: As with Reimi, limited.
Percent Complete: 70% - No real desire to work on her.
Download: Nope!